Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long Time No Blog...

So, so sorry for the huge delay in blogging! I've been very busy finishing my degree, you see.

I'll tell you one thing, third year is horrible! I just hope I've done well enough to get to where I want to be...
Fingers crossed! 

Anyway, since I finally finished, I've been looking for jobs. Very hard task. I've applied for one job so far, as a receptionist at a GP surgery and I was rejected... Every other job I've looked at is either too far away, or I'm not qualified (in the right way) to do it... I've not even been looking properly for a fortnight, and I'm getting fed up already!

I've taken to buying things off the Internet, in the hope that I'll be able to sell them for more on eBay! (Yes, I'm really that desperate!) I'm not eligible for Jobseekers' allowance, you see. Because I haven't paid any National Insurance contributions in my short 20-odd years on this earth. And because my savings amount to more than £16,000, but they're savings for a reason, to hopefully aid me through Medical School! To be honest, I'd feel a bit bad signing on anyway... My parents aren't in a position to lend me any money either, and I wouldn't expect them to. My Dad's unemployed due to disability, and my Mum works very hard only to receive a fairly average wage.

This whole not having a lot of (spending) money really isn't fun...

In other news, I went to St. George's again last month, for an open day... Very interesting, and I learnt a great deal more about the course and admissions process than I did last year. My Dad accompanied me, but my Mum wants to go too, so the two of us are hopefully going down at some point over the summer for a campus tour, so she can have a good look around. I'll try and get some decent pictures this time! (It's quite hard when there were well over a hundred of us there for the open day! I didn't want to stand out, and have people think I was a tourist...) I'll post another blog on here in the coming days/weeks, with all of the info that I picked up at the SGUL open day.

Until next time!