Friday, 30 November 2012

Ooh, It's Been a While!


I'm not going to apologise for the (predictable) lack of updates; because there is nothing to update you on really...

Here's what's happened recently:

  • I've become a hermit.
  • Today I finally hit the 200 job applications milestone!!
  • I've had four job interviews now (all of which have been unsuccessful...)
  • I've still got no money coming in.
  • My next door neighbour recently got a slapped wrist from the police for assaulting my Dad (who's disabled...) More on that in a future post... if you're really that interested...
  • I swear I'm on my way to developing a vitamin D deficiency (because of said hermit-ness... Or maybe I'm just becoming a hypochondriac because of all the spare time on my hands...)
  • I keep on getting bombarded with spam emails from a company called 'Meaningful Help'... And in actual fact; I'm quite close to going to their headquarters in Texas and... well, after that, I'm not exactly sure what I'd do...
  • I've discovered that it's not just me who's feeling isolated since leaving University. My friends are feeling exactly the same way. (Even though they've got jobs or are doing Postgrad stuff...)
  • This whole unemployment lark has induced a new lax attitude; my 'pendantic-ness' is disappearing. It's really making me a lot less uptight (at times...)
  • Friends/Peers/People I went to school with and didn't really warm to are all announcing pregnancies and engagements. In fact, some are now having their second kids. I'm still unsure as to whether this makes me feel: ridiculously old, incredibly young or a massive failure... (even though I'm only 21, I swear my Mum's tapping her watch impatiently; waiting, just waiting to get grandkids. No pressure...)

I'm also so sad well-organised that since I first started applying for jobs, back in May, I've been keeping a log of all applications that I've made. It's official: I'm ridiculously sad...
That's from the first page... From May/June.

And this is the last... From Today.

It's eleven pages long now, which makes me feel ever so slightly useless. I've been rejected or ignored for an insurmountable number of jobs. I've been rejected for: Temp Christmas jobs, Cleaning jobs, Healthcare Assistant Jobs, Receptionist jobs, Admin jobs, Waitressing jobs, Factory jobs, Marketing/Communications Jobs (which are actually related to my degree!), Sales jobs, Retail jobs etc. I could go on, but I wouldn't want to bore you into oblivion. 

Still, at least it's a beautiful evening:
I don't know if you've noticed, but I've become slightly addicted to Instagram...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Moaning and Goats...

I'm gearing towards a rant:

  • I've been silly and spent my last £50 on a new coat and handbag... Neither of which I really needed.
  • I've also been silly because I read a few stories on the Daily Mail's website and the views of some of the ignorant commenters always wind me up.
  • I've had to endure two consecutive weekends of Barry Scott having drunken one night stands (complete with two different women...)
  • I've got to go to my beautiful cousin's wedding at the weekend, where I will ultimately end up looking like a frump with a dodgy hairdo, who's also spectacularly bad at getting a job. (I was supposed to spend my last £50 on a dress, however, I couldn't find one I liked... So the odds are that I'm stuck wearing a black dress, that's too big for me, to a wedding... I've also got misbehaving hair at the moment, but can't afford to tame it.)
  • I've applied for just under 70 jobs. I'm still unemployed.
  • I've had three interviews. They were all unsuccessful. Because I'm rubbish...
  • I'm not eligible for Jobseekers' Allowance. So I'm using my savings to live off. Savings which were there to help me through Medical School, if I ever get there...
  • When I was at Uni, I was busy concentrating on my degree, but now I've finished, it feels so hard to be self-disciplined and just do some work.
  • My dreams also seemed much closer when I was at Uni, and now, strangely, they feel further away than they ever have done before.
  • Every time I log onto Facebook, I'm bombarded by good news from others. Fantastic job offers, new boyfriends/girlfriends, new houses, new cars, new pets, new phones, new courses at Uni... I'm happy for them, don't get me wrong, but it feels like everyone else is moving on and I'm stood still. My life genuinely feels stagnant.
  • I think I just need to 'man up' a bit and get stuck in to GAMSAT stuff.
  • A day doesn't go by now where I'm not ignored by potential employers, or rejected by them on the basis of having no experience. I'm trying my best, but it really isn't good enough for anyone. I'm frustrated, but no-one cares enough to listen. I'm drowning in a sea of rejection, and no-one'll bother to throw me a couple of armbands...
  • I feel that after finishing Uni, I should feel on top of the world. I did well. I did better than I expected, in all honesty. I thought I was going to end up scraping a third, when in reality, I got a 2:1. I should be moving on to new and exciting things, but I'm not. It feels like my peers are constantly rubbing my nose in it by moving on themselves.
  • I don't know what to do for the best now. I'm torn. Do I forget about jobs and money and just concentrate on getting into Medical School? Or do I forget (temporarily) about Medical School and earn some money (if anyone'll give me a chance)? It's difficult to decide what to do, but I know I can't carry on like this.
Although, on a lighter note, this has cheered me up no end:

Saturday, 22 September 2012


I haven't slept yet... Thanks to my next door neighbour having yet another noisy one night stand.

My revenge?

Ordering a free chlamydia testing kit for him...

I'm feeling quite smug now... Probably even more smug than the time when I ordered a Tena Man sample for him.

To be fair, he probably needs it anyway.

Monday, 6 August 2012


Just a brief post with a little bit of good news...

I've somehow managed to bag myself a couple of job interviews!

I'm not holding my breath, but this time next month I could be a Phlebotomist or a Healthcare Assistant.

Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I Did It! I Finally Did It!

Sorry, must apologise in advance, this is not really a Medical-type post.

But... I finally did it! 

Yes, that's right, I rang the police about the atrocious excuse of a human being that lives next door to me and his terrible penchant for drink driving.

I have reported him via Crimestoppers online before, but nothing ever came of that.

He came back at around one this morning. He was literally so drunk that he stalled at the top of his drive. He took a good few seconds to realise why he wasn't going anywhere and then re-started the engine of his increasingly battered pick-up truck. After this, he proceeded to scrape all of the bushes on the side of his drive, before his trademark-drink-drive-move of forgetting to apply the handbrake. Cue lots of rolling down the drive and him displaying his panic-stricken face as he frantically tried to stop himself from crashing into his stationary trailer and garage door. 

That was the final straw for me. I grabbed my phone and after a few deep breaths (I don't know why, but I always get really nervous about phone calls, even to people I know really well...) I dialled the non-emergency number. I got through to a lady and politely asked if I was able to report someone for drink-driving. She said yes, and asked me lots of questions about that numpty from next door. 

Now I knew that there was no chance of him being caught tonight, after all, he was already home. But the lady assured me that they'd got his details and she was sending them to all police stations and officers in the local area so they can keep an eye out for him. She also advised me to ring them again next time he goes out drinking, to help them catch him in the act. 

It won't be long before he's at it again. The last time he did it was at 5am yesterday when he was also evidently 'utterly gazeboed'. 

I really hope they catch him. He's a menace. I know if they do catch him and prosecute him for drink driving, he'll be at risk of losing his licence and therefore his business as a gardener. I feel a little guilty about that, but at the end of the day, I'm not the one breaking the law and putting other road users' lives at risk by being an idiot.

I don't understand why he does it, in all honesty. He never used to. He always got taxis to and from pubs, clubs and women's houses. Recently though, he's just decided he'll chance it. That he'll never get caught I suppose, because at that time in the morning, all of the police officers have their hands full with anti-social behaviour on the streets. He needs to be taught a lesson, that's for sure, and I'll go above and beyond to ensure that he gets it.

Oh, and when he got in, he was talking really loudly, not sure if he was on his phone, but I genuinely had to peer through his front door at about 2am, because he was making groaning noises. (Don't laugh!) I thought he'd drunkenly injured himself, so I went round there with a torch and tried to see if he was on the floor. All I could see was darkness, but he's been quiet ever since. 

Call me what you want, but I couldn't bear it if he ended up killing an innocent person because of this and I'd had this information and never acted upon it. I'd feel guilty. Probably more-so than an irresponsible ignoramus like him.

Sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if people knew their limits.
And obeyed the law.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Another Day, Another Job Rejection...

Depressing news! Today I received an email to say I won't be a Family Support Worker. I won't be a Junior Doctor Co-Ordinator either. Or a Healthcare Assistant. Or an Auxiliary Nurse. Or a Medical Receptionist. Or a Radiography Assistant. Or a Medical Staffing Administrator. Or a Dental Nurse. I could go on... There are far more.

I've only been formally rejected from three jobs so far though! I just have to assume that the other 20-odd have rejected me because they've ignored me completely. A bit cruel...

Today I've applied for yet another Healthcare Assistant job. I'm getting to the point where I'm beginning to struggle to feel enthusiastic about any jobs. It's hard to fill out application forms when you know from the start that you won't even get an interview. Why won't someone give me a chance?! Am I really that bad?
I don't smell. I do wash. I'm nice to everyone. I've got a 2:1 degree!

The main problem that I seem to have is a big lack of 'experience'.
To employers, voluntary work isn't important enough to count as experience.

The only actual paid work experience I have is as a Sales Assistant. I'm only going back to working in a supermarket if I really have to. That's my contingency plan for when I get incredibly desperate for money.

In other news, I started my new voluntary work post today. Everyone looked after me and they seemed nice. So that's good. It was tiring though. I must have walked miles and miles around the hospital delivering patient notes and patients themselves! The definite low point was when I kind of lost control of a wheelchair and nearly let a patient go into the road! (Don't worry, it's a side road on the hospital site, and there were no cars around, thankfully!) I'm only little, so wheelchairs with people in them, downhill slopes and my pitiful strength don't go well together... But they didn't get run over, so it's fine. Then I failed miserably at working the special outdoor lift. Two members of staff embarrassingly had to come out and help me.
I've got a degree and yet I struggle to work lifts...
In my defence, I only had three hours sleep last night, so I'm not really 'with it'. Still, I don't think I managed to kill anyone, so that's a bonus...

I'm such a glutton for punishment that I'm going back tomorrow... I enjoy it really!
Different ward though. Different role. Different staff. Different patients. Different speciality. Pretty much everything about it's different. But, it's more experience isn't it? Not that employers will care...
I'm only going in for an hour in the morning so it shouldn't be too bad. I got told by my boss that if the staff on the ward aren't nice and don't look after me then I'm to walk straight out!

We'll see how it goes...

Oh, and in other news, my best friend and I have decided to write a book. Quite exciting really. It's not medical or anything. It's a story. In fact it's one I wrote at Uni and dug out. She liked it, so she's going to illustrate it and then we're going to try and get it published. Ha! The chance'd be a fine thing!! 

Although I've got no plans to abandon my Med school dream and be a famous author!

Until next time!

Monday, 16 July 2012

I Made a Bobo...

Silly me! I thought I had an appointment at the Job Centre Plus today, where I would get to tell one of the advisors to 'stick it up their bum', as it were.

However, I don't have to go until next Monday! In fact I'm not sure I'll bother at all, as previously mentioned.

Here are a simple list of reasons why I'm not bothering with them anymore:

  1. They didn't realise I had a degree even though they looked at my CV (twice!!),
  2. They said that I would have to give up my Voluntary work if I got a full-time job,
  3. They wanted to send me on a course (although they didn't specify what it was or why it'd be good for me),
  4. They're sending me to a group meeting on Thursday about CVs and Apprenticeships,
  5. The Job Centre Plus feels like the most depressing place on the Earth,
  6. The advisors talk right down to you (although admittedly, some are nice too),
  7. The computer machine things are really awkward to use,
  8. I've witnessed fellow Jobseekers losing their rag through frustration and I'm quite scared of accidentally getting in the way of a fist sandwich,
  9. They're not giving me any money (which I'd probably feel cheeky for taking anyway), so they can't threaten me with 'non-payment' if I don't go,
  10. Call me a snob, but the jobs that they wanted to send me to are menial, underpaid and too far away. (They expected me to drive up to 90mins away from home to work in a shop or as a receptionist...)
  11. They treat you like you're milking the system even if you show to them that you're eager to work,
  12. I tried to show them my amazing list of job applications on both appointments and they completely and utterly dismissed it.
I've gone through my list of Job Applications and it looks like I've been rejected for every single one. I've been looking frequently for jobs today, and there really aren't any that I can apply for... 

Still, I start a new voluntary work placement at the hospital on a different ward tomorrow. An acute one this time, so a completely different pace and feel. I'm quite excited! I might not get paid for it, but I'm sure I enjoy my voluntary work more than I would a menial paid job!

Just watch it all fall apart tomorrow, and I'll come crawling back moaning about how much I hate it...

Oh, and on the 'Barry Scott' front:
He went out at half 8 this morning. To do a day's work! Unusual. I wish I'd been really loud all night and kept him awake, just so he'd know exactly what it was like trying to function the next day ridiculously sleep deprived. Except I didn't. 

Until next time!

My Weekend...

What a weekend I've had!

For starters, I received a letter from DWP to say that my application for Jobseeker's Allowance has been turned down. My first reaction? "Good!" I am actually relieved and genuinely over the moon that they've rejected me, because now I don't have to go to the depressing Job Centre Plus again in a hurry... (Except for later today, and perhaps Thursday too...)

I've got to go tomorrow to 'Sign on'. Sign on to what?! Apparently if I keep on attending the soul destroying and morally degrading interviews that I've already been subjected to twice, I might get some National Insurance Contributions. I don't think I'll bother somehow...
I'd rather spend that time doing something constructive, like actually looking and applying for jobs.

I'm not good enough for the dole though. That's a depressing thought...

And to top that off, I've not had all that much sleep at the hands of my lovely horrid neighbour 'Barry Scott'. He had a lovely dirty, foul-mouthed 'woman' come over on Friday evening. Just before midnight, he decided to put his TV on full volume, start shouting and drinking heavily and then the pair of them decided to 'get jiggy with it' repeatedly throughout the night...

After getting quite angry I went round but ended up bottling out before I knocked on his door (because I'm only little and he's a proper, grown up, drunken man and his 'lady' friend was wearing pretty hefty high heels).

This continued all night long, and at 5am I mustered the courage to go round there and well, let's just say they weren't downstairs, but their clothes were. Needless to say, I thought I deserved to get a little revenge on them both. I rang his landline at 6am, thinking "haha, that'll wake them up and then they'll know exactly what it's like..." My plan failed... My plan did work... In a way. I did manage to wake them up. Except they just started having sex loudly again. So in a sense, the joke's on me really.

He took her out on Saturday afternoon. We thought she was going home. She wasn't. They came back. Then they got ready with loud music that made me very angry again. I've found that sleep deprivation only exacerbates anger... Then they went out on Saturday evening before coming back at quarter past one. He drunk drove (as he frequently does. Because he's an IDIOT). He was even so drunk that he couldn't get the key in the door (as he frequently fails to do in his drunken state).
Cue lots of conversation from his drunken 'lady' friend. She said and I quote, except I'll censor the profanities because I'm a little more lady-like:

"Did you see that F**king Motherf**king C**t? He tried to 'go' for me. I'll have him next time."

To which the lovely Barry replied:

"Yeah, I'll go for him n-n-n-next time I-I-I-I see him..."

And then they proceeded to talk loudly and have lots of noisy sex throughout the night again.

I couldn't sleep, so I shut myself in the kitchen with the radio on and had a little night-time-baking-party and baked a cake.

To top it all off, on Sunday morning, they kept the window wide open and managed to pee his other neighbour off by having sex while she and her young son were playing in their garden. (She held a bit of a torch for him as well, so if she wasn't mad about little ears hearing such awful noises - like a warthog humping a squeaky bin - she was mad because she was having her nose rubbed in it.) My advice? He's not worth it love. You can do a LOT better.

I think most women can do better than 'Two Night Stand Barry, the Whore from Next Door'.

Oh, and I got two job rejections! Not really the best of weekends.

The Diary of a Job Seeker - Part One

Hello! Again, long time no blog! Let me tell you all about my jobseeking adventures:

Last week, I signed up for Jobseekers' Allowance (Yes, I know I don't think I can get it, still I applied anyway...)

This Monday I had a meeting to go over things. Then on Tuesday an advisor called me asking me to come in.

So on Thursday, I went for a meeting with one of the 18-24 advisors. She seemed nice, but it's quite clear very early on that all they're concerned about is getting you off your bum and into a not very nice job. So far, my 10 steps (10 weekly proactive measures to attempt to find a job) are aimed at finding me a job in Retail, Administration/Reception work or in Care.
I've even applied to be a Junior Doctor Co-Ordinator... That would be quite cool I'll admit. ;)

So far, I've applied for 25 jobs... Now on my 26th application. All to no avail... I've not received ANYTHING. Not an interview. Not a rejection letter. Not even a rejection email.

I've got a 2:1, so why does nobody want me?!

I've got to 'Sign on' for the first time on Monday. It's all very new to me, but I think that's where they check I've been looking for jobs and basically authenticate a payment. Well, I've done that already, so there's no problem there.

I'm also being sent to a group meeting on how to do CVs (even though the lady said I had a "great CV" twice!!) She also said before I left: "Do you have any qualifications?"


If I could throw myself straight into GAMSAT stuff, I would. But I can't live without money... It's near on impossible. And my savings are there to go towards Med School living costs.

Oh the joys of being a jobseeker...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long Time No Blog...

So, so sorry for the huge delay in blogging! I've been very busy finishing my degree, you see.

I'll tell you one thing, third year is horrible! I just hope I've done well enough to get to where I want to be...
Fingers crossed! 

Anyway, since I finally finished, I've been looking for jobs. Very hard task. I've applied for one job so far, as a receptionist at a GP surgery and I was rejected... Every other job I've looked at is either too far away, or I'm not qualified (in the right way) to do it... I've not even been looking properly for a fortnight, and I'm getting fed up already!

I've taken to buying things off the Internet, in the hope that I'll be able to sell them for more on eBay! (Yes, I'm really that desperate!) I'm not eligible for Jobseekers' allowance, you see. Because I haven't paid any National Insurance contributions in my short 20-odd years on this earth. And because my savings amount to more than £16,000, but they're savings for a reason, to hopefully aid me through Medical School! To be honest, I'd feel a bit bad signing on anyway... My parents aren't in a position to lend me any money either, and I wouldn't expect them to. My Dad's unemployed due to disability, and my Mum works very hard only to receive a fairly average wage.

This whole not having a lot of (spending) money really isn't fun...

In other news, I went to St. George's again last month, for an open day... Very interesting, and I learnt a great deal more about the course and admissions process than I did last year. My Dad accompanied me, but my Mum wants to go too, so the two of us are hopefully going down at some point over the summer for a campus tour, so she can have a good look around. I'll try and get some decent pictures this time! (It's quite hard when there were well over a hundred of us there for the open day! I didn't want to stand out, and have people think I was a tourist...) I'll post another blog on here in the coming days/weeks, with all of the info that I picked up at the SGUL open day.

Until next time!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

University of Leicester Open Day!

Well, I went to the University of Leicester last month...

And you may have seen my tweet about how pointless it was... If only I'd have known that before actually getting there! Would've saved me a wasted journey!

The presentation on Medicine itself was in incredibly high demand! There were only two talks: one at 2pm and one at 3pm. I thought it would be better to go for the earlier talk, but ended up queuing for half an hour before the talk started, in a massive crowd of people (all of whom looked younger and far more intelligent than myself), to be told when we all got in to the talk, that there basically wasn't much point in me bothering to apply there - I'd be far, far better off taking GAMSAT and applying to either St. George's or Nottingham...

Basically the reason that it was so pointless was because they're bringing in a new system (at least I think it's new) where they'll be point scoring potential candidates on their previous academic qualifications i.e. GCSEs and A-Levels, as well as their degree classification...
Which means I've got NO chance!

I already knew it was a long shot because of the year long paid work experience requirement, but still, I thought it was at least worth a look!

I must admit that I was particularly reluctant to like the city of Leicester - back in the day when I was browsing Universities for my first degree, I went for an open day at Leicester's other University, De Montfort, and wasn't that impressed. And also knowing that a 'kind of' ex had moved to the city made me even more reluctant to go there! But I have to say that when I got to the area that the University of Leicester was in, I was a lot more impressed than when I went to DMU (which is on the other side of the city)!

Everything about the University is nice, the people seemed relatively friendly, and certainly welcoming. The Uni was neat and looked shiny and new (although the same can't really be said for the Medical School building - which apparently is going to be replaced by a newer and shinier building in the near future). See the shoddy picture below for a glimpse at the Med School building...

This is also another shoddy picture of the Medical School from the side (at least I think it's the Medical School - but don't hold me to that!)

I don't really think there's anything else that I can say about it - It certainly doesn't look like I'll be applying to study there, but that's not to say that I don't like the University, because I do.

Oh, and one of the taglines of the University, which you will be utterly bombarded with if you go and visit is:
"Elite, without being elitist". 
Trust me, you will see it absolutely everywhere! It's been drilled in to me now!

I would recommend that people check it out, of course! You can't take my word on which Medical School to study at!

Next time I'll be telling you all about Keele University!

Thanks for reading! xx

King's College Open Day!

So, so sorry for neglecting my blog like this!
Last summer, I went to an open day at King's College London... As the title says.

To be honest, I'd never really been to that area of London, and I didn't even know whether it was Guy's Hospital or King's College Hospital that I had to go to. Turns out, after following the map, that it was Guy's after all.

It absolutely threw it down on the day, which usually equals a very bad hair day for a certain frizzy-haired wannabe medic.

My soaked umbrella!

When we got there, I was impressed by the exterior of the buildings. But, to be honest, it's what's inside that counts, isn't it? However, I liked the inside too.

The Campus

We had an introduction talk, in which my phone loudly went off... Embarrassing...

We then went to a Pathology lecture with the prestigious Professor Sebastian Lucas, which I thoroughly enjoyed! 
Although I wish someone would have warned me that there was going to be slide in the presentation with a picture of diarrhoea with blood on it!
It was kind of a good job that I didn't have time for lunch beforehand!

We then got separated for tours, which mainly consisted of walking around the interesting Gordon Musuem:

Which might have been better if our tour guide hadn't walked off without us.
Still don't know where she got to...

And probably would have been even better if I hadn't have walked, loudly, straight in to a metal bin, in a room where I was surrounded by silent, revising medical students... Yet again, embarrassing...

But, for the remainder of our tour, we joined another group, most of whom were sixteen or seventeen year olds with great innocence and faith in themselves. That's the thing about being a prospective Graduate Medicine entrant, you feel a bit inadequate when faced with all these fresh faced geniuses... Or maybe that's just me.

Even though we got separated from our tour guide, it really isn't every day that you get to walk around a place and see pictures of dead bodies in the process of decomposition, or get to see actual craniopagus siamese twins pickling away in a jar...

We then went to get a free drink and snack, where my Dad knocked his coffee over. Which went all over the floor, the chair, his jacket, and some papers... Embarrassing!
So all in all, we both made fools of ourselves!

A Bridge
Here are a couple of facts about King's College London:
  1. It's apparently the only University campus in the UK with a McDonald's restaurant built in to it.
  2. It's also overlooked by probably the biggest building that I have ever witnessed!

    The massive building!

I enjoyed my trip there, and also the sightseeing afterwards, yet I feel that the fact that KCL is UKCAT entry it has to go slightly lower down on my list of Medical School preferences. Ideally, I wouldn't like to take UKCAT and GAMSAT together.

The view from Millennium Bridge

If you look on my 'Plan' page, you'll see that KCL does make an appearance!

Now, I promise that I'll be back soon with tales about my trips to Leicester and Keele!
Random Shiny Balls in the Street... Ahh London.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well hello!

Firstly, like always, I must apologise for neglecting my blog again!

And, again, I must make my usual promise of getting round to publishing some posts that still require a bit of tweaking (they've been sat in my drafts for ages... One of them since last July!!)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a fantabulous new year. 

I'm sat here, and it's the early hours of the morning at the start of a brand spanking new year. I'm not really a big party animal, which I think I might well have mentioned here before... So I welcomed 2012 by watching the pretty fireworks on TV with my parents, whilst stuffing my face with biscuits.
Yes, I really am that cool.

To complete my wild celebrations, I decided to go on a huge online spending spree to celebrate my penultimate student loan payment. So I don't think my bank balance with thank me come the morning, but oh well...

What better way to start the new year? (Well, actually, I'm sure there are plenty of much better ways, but...)

I guess one of the points that I wanted to make is that this time of year is always a really reflective one, so I've spent the last few days thinking about how 2011 shaped me. How much I've grown up. How I've unfortunately lost some people in my life, but thankfully gained some others. It's been a bit of a wild ride, which sadly went a bit pear shaped from September onwards, but, here's to 2012 being amazing!

Until next time!