Tuesday, 5 July 2011

News, news, news!

I actually have a bit of good news about work experience/voluntary work!!
I know! Hold the front page!

I'd just got through to one of my local minor hospitals, after over a week of trying, to be told that the work experience co-ordinator lady is on annual leave. So I got told to ring back either at night on the 14th July or early in the morning on the 20th. 
I rung off, feeling a bit disappointed that I still didn't have any work experience sorted.

I have sent several letters off to local GP surgeries, applied to two local major hospitals for voluntary work, and even tried pestering local hospitals for short term work experience. But no luck.
Until today, that is.

I scrolled down my phone looking for the number of another local hospital that I've tried several times to get through to without any luck, when I came across the voluntary services number of the other major hospital of the same city.

And just by chance, I thought "Why not?" and rang them instead.

I've never really been able to get through to them either.

I emailed them last November, to be kindly and gently rejected.

I also sent them a volunteering application form by email in April and never heard anything back.

So I thought I'd ring them, because I'd got nothing to lose.

And I only got through, didn't I?!

The nice lady on the phone has offered me an informal chat/interview tomorrow about a long term work experience post, and has also invited me to a group interview on the 20th July about being a long term volunteer with them!

Cue happy face!