Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well hello!

Firstly, like always, I must apologise for neglecting my blog again!

And, again, I must make my usual promise of getting round to publishing some posts that still require a bit of tweaking (they've been sat in my drafts for ages... One of them since last July!!)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a fantabulous new year. 

I'm sat here, and it's the early hours of the morning at the start of a brand spanking new year. I'm not really a big party animal, which I think I might well have mentioned here before... So I welcomed 2012 by watching the pretty fireworks on TV with my parents, whilst stuffing my face with biscuits.
Yes, I really am that cool.

To complete my wild celebrations, I decided to go on a huge online spending spree to celebrate my penultimate student loan payment. So I don't think my bank balance with thank me come the morning, but oh well...

What better way to start the new year? (Well, actually, I'm sure there are plenty of much better ways, but...)

I guess one of the points that I wanted to make is that this time of year is always a really reflective one, so I've spent the last few days thinking about how 2011 shaped me. How much I've grown up. How I've unfortunately lost some people in my life, but thankfully gained some others. It's been a bit of a wild ride, which sadly went a bit pear shaped from September onwards, but, here's to 2012 being amazing!

Until next time!