Thursday, 7 March 2013


That's really the only word to describe life at the moment. Yes, I'm moaning because my life's hectic, but I guarantee I'd be moaning a Hell of a lot more if it wasn't.

We're in the process of moving house. The 'rents are divided on this. Mum desperately wants to; Dad definitely doesn't. I don't want to either (but my opinion's a bit insignificant; I'm just a 'kid' after all...)
We had an estate agent visit this morning to make an evaluation. Dad and I were hoping that he wouldn't recommend a high asking price, but it turns out it's £99,000 more than it was bought for twelve years ago: Music to my Mother's ears...

I stayed up until 6am this morning tidying my tip of a bedroom. After filling an entire wardrobe to capacity, three chests of drawers and five boxes full of clothes; it could be said that I've got too much stuff... I was up again at half past nine; feeling deflated before I even got out of bed. 

It's not just the house that's causing stress. My car's currently in the garage because its ECU (Engine Control Unit - effectively its brain) has gone haywire. The electrician man's taken away today to reprogramme; which will cost me a whopping £400. Why do things always go wrong and require money being spent at the worst possible time?! 

I've had no money coming in since my final student loan payment last APRIL; and my savings are rapidly depleting because everything around me seems to be falling to pieces.

To top it all off; my laptop's being a little, temperamental, shall we say? 

I've applied for 306 jobs. All to no avail; and it's getting a little tiring now.

No JSA. No wages. No benefits at all. There are people out there who have made little effort to find work but seem to get money thrown at them for doing naff all... Is it fair? Not really. Will anyone do anything to stop it? Doubt it. Does anyone really care? Again, I doubt it.

Anyway, excuse the rant... It's just that sleep deprivation always gets me moaning.

Let's hope I'm in a better mood next time.