Monday, 16 July 2012

The Diary of a Job Seeker - Part One

Hello! Again, long time no blog! Let me tell you all about my jobseeking adventures:

Last week, I signed up for Jobseekers' Allowance (Yes, I know I don't think I can get it, still I applied anyway...)

This Monday I had a meeting to go over things. Then on Tuesday an advisor called me asking me to come in.

So on Thursday, I went for a meeting with one of the 18-24 advisors. She seemed nice, but it's quite clear very early on that all they're concerned about is getting you off your bum and into a not very nice job. So far, my 10 steps (10 weekly proactive measures to attempt to find a job) are aimed at finding me a job in Retail, Administration/Reception work or in Care.
I've even applied to be a Junior Doctor Co-Ordinator... That would be quite cool I'll admit. ;)

So far, I've applied for 25 jobs... Now on my 26th application. All to no avail... I've not received ANYTHING. Not an interview. Not a rejection letter. Not even a rejection email.

I've got a 2:1, so why does nobody want me?!

I've got to 'Sign on' for the first time on Monday. It's all very new to me, but I think that's where they check I've been looking for jobs and basically authenticate a payment. Well, I've done that already, so there's no problem there.

I'm also being sent to a group meeting on how to do CVs (even though the lady said I had a "great CV" twice!!) She also said before I left: "Do you have any qualifications?"


If I could throw myself straight into GAMSAT stuff, I would. But I can't live without money... It's near on impossible. And my savings are there to go towards Med School living costs.

Oh the joys of being a jobseeker...