Monday, 16 July 2012

I Made a Bobo...

Silly me! I thought I had an appointment at the Job Centre Plus today, where I would get to tell one of the advisors to 'stick it up their bum', as it were.

However, I don't have to go until next Monday! In fact I'm not sure I'll bother at all, as previously mentioned.

Here are a simple list of reasons why I'm not bothering with them anymore:

  1. They didn't realise I had a degree even though they looked at my CV (twice!!),
  2. They said that I would have to give up my Voluntary work if I got a full-time job,
  3. They wanted to send me on a course (although they didn't specify what it was or why it'd be good for me),
  4. They're sending me to a group meeting on Thursday about CVs and Apprenticeships,
  5. The Job Centre Plus feels like the most depressing place on the Earth,
  6. The advisors talk right down to you (although admittedly, some are nice too),
  7. The computer machine things are really awkward to use,
  8. I've witnessed fellow Jobseekers losing their rag through frustration and I'm quite scared of accidentally getting in the way of a fist sandwich,
  9. They're not giving me any money (which I'd probably feel cheeky for taking anyway), so they can't threaten me with 'non-payment' if I don't go,
  10. Call me a snob, but the jobs that they wanted to send me to are menial, underpaid and too far away. (They expected me to drive up to 90mins away from home to work in a shop or as a receptionist...)
  11. They treat you like you're milking the system even if you show to them that you're eager to work,
  12. I tried to show them my amazing list of job applications on both appointments and they completely and utterly dismissed it.
I've gone through my list of Job Applications and it looks like I've been rejected for every single one. I've been looking frequently for jobs today, and there really aren't any that I can apply for... 

Still, I start a new voluntary work placement at the hospital on a different ward tomorrow. An acute one this time, so a completely different pace and feel. I'm quite excited! I might not get paid for it, but I'm sure I enjoy my voluntary work more than I would a menial paid job!

Just watch it all fall apart tomorrow, and I'll come crawling back moaning about how much I hate it...

Oh, and on the 'Barry Scott' front:
He went out at half 8 this morning. To do a day's work! Unusual. I wish I'd been really loud all night and kept him awake, just so he'd know exactly what it was like trying to function the next day ridiculously sleep deprived. Except I didn't. 

Until next time!