Monday, 16 July 2012

My Weekend...

What a weekend I've had!

For starters, I received a letter from DWP to say that my application for Jobseeker's Allowance has been turned down. My first reaction? "Good!" I am actually relieved and genuinely over the moon that they've rejected me, because now I don't have to go to the depressing Job Centre Plus again in a hurry... (Except for later today, and perhaps Thursday too...)

I've got to go tomorrow to 'Sign on'. Sign on to what?! Apparently if I keep on attending the soul destroying and morally degrading interviews that I've already been subjected to twice, I might get some National Insurance Contributions. I don't think I'll bother somehow...
I'd rather spend that time doing something constructive, like actually looking and applying for jobs.

I'm not good enough for the dole though. That's a depressing thought...

And to top that off, I've not had all that much sleep at the hands of my lovely horrid neighbour 'Barry Scott'. He had a lovely dirty, foul-mouthed 'woman' come over on Friday evening. Just before midnight, he decided to put his TV on full volume, start shouting and drinking heavily and then the pair of them decided to 'get jiggy with it' repeatedly throughout the night...

After getting quite angry I went round but ended up bottling out before I knocked on his door (because I'm only little and he's a proper, grown up, drunken man and his 'lady' friend was wearing pretty hefty high heels).

This continued all night long, and at 5am I mustered the courage to go round there and well, let's just say they weren't downstairs, but their clothes were. Needless to say, I thought I deserved to get a little revenge on them both. I rang his landline at 6am, thinking "haha, that'll wake them up and then they'll know exactly what it's like..." My plan failed... My plan did work... In a way. I did manage to wake them up. Except they just started having sex loudly again. So in a sense, the joke's on me really.

He took her out on Saturday afternoon. We thought she was going home. She wasn't. They came back. Then they got ready with loud music that made me very angry again. I've found that sleep deprivation only exacerbates anger... Then they went out on Saturday evening before coming back at quarter past one. He drunk drove (as he frequently does. Because he's an IDIOT). He was even so drunk that he couldn't get the key in the door (as he frequently fails to do in his drunken state).
Cue lots of conversation from his drunken 'lady' friend. She said and I quote, except I'll censor the profanities because I'm a little more lady-like:

"Did you see that F**king Motherf**king C**t? He tried to 'go' for me. I'll have him next time."

To which the lovely Barry replied:

"Yeah, I'll go for him n-n-n-next time I-I-I-I see him..."

And then they proceeded to talk loudly and have lots of noisy sex throughout the night again.

I couldn't sleep, so I shut myself in the kitchen with the radio on and had a little night-time-baking-party and baked a cake.

To top it all off, on Sunday morning, they kept the window wide open and managed to pee his other neighbour off by having sex while she and her young son were playing in their garden. (She held a bit of a torch for him as well, so if she wasn't mad about little ears hearing such awful noises - like a warthog humping a squeaky bin - she was mad because she was having her nose rubbed in it.) My advice? He's not worth it love. You can do a LOT better.

I think most women can do better than 'Two Night Stand Barry, the Whore from Next Door'.

Oh, and I got two job rejections! Not really the best of weekends.